Get to know our Gold Sponsor Ontotext with its current project Pheme

September 02, 2016

With not only being a global leader and innovator in the area of semantic graph databases, linked data and cognitive computing but also being one of the first companies to recognize the power of Semantic Technology more than 15 years ago, Ontotext is truly one of the originators of the semantic technology market.

  1. How does your company contribute to the advancement of semantic technologies?

Ontotext has been solving the challenges related to efficient data analytics within enterprises even before its conception more than 15 years ago. It is one of the first companies to recognize the power of Semantic Technology. We have participated in various projects and publications aimed at improving the understanding the complexities of the Semantic Web at large. After extensive product development and self-funded R&D, Ontotext’s vision for Semantic Technology has eventually resulted in the maturity of a semantic graph database (GraphDB) that serves enterprises to store, organize and manage data and content in the form of semantically enriched Linked Data.

Ontotext is a global leader and innovator in the area of semantic graph databases (triplestores), linked data, linguistic analysis, semantic web, cognitive computing and artificial intelligence. The company develops key solutions to data challenges in various industries such as medical, pharmaceutical, publishing, financial risk management and compliance, legal as well as in the fields of text mining and text analytics, data integration and master data management.

  1. Which services and products do you offer?

Ontotext provides a complete set of Semantic Technology products and solutions enabling knowledge and content management processes downstream and upstream enterprise  value chain. Its products help organisations to better manage their unstructured and structured data by making it available,  discoverable, and understandable. Our key technology offering is a combination of a NoSQL graph database with text analytics tools, which delivers automatic, state-of-the art content classification, domain-specific concept tagging and enrichment, domain modelling, and concept search.

  1. What can we expect at the SEMANTiCS conference?

At SEMANTiCS, Ontotext will present one of its current ongoing projects - PHEME. The goal of the project is to create a computational framework for automatic discovery and verification of information within textual content at scale and fast. The benefits from applying this framework   will be shown in the context of social media analytics - better understanding the impact of rumours in social media -where they originate, how they spread, who and why spreads them, with multiple uses in many domains. Pheme started in January 2014 and will be running over the course of three years. The Pheme consortium consists of 9 European partners from England, Germany, Austria, Spain, Bulgaria, Switzerland and Kenya. It is co-ordinated by the University of Sheffield.

Ontotext participates in the PHEME project in a core role by providing a LOD-based reasoning about rumours, i.e. a domain-independent model of the four kinds of rumours addressed: misinformation, disinformation, unverified information, and disputed information.

Come talk to us at our booth to find out more about the project.