Ordina – designers, builders and managers of a better digital world

As the designers, builders and managers of a better digital world, we have approximately 2,700 employees who use their know-how and expertise on a daily basis to future-proof, rejuvenate and improve corporate processes and IT. Our strength lies in that fact that we can implement strategy and policies on the basis of real knowledge of our clients’ business, local laws and regulations, language and culture, and translate this from business into IT. Our aim is to team up with our clients to realise sustainable innovation, while keeping everything on a human scale.

We focus on eight innovative themes to support the transformations our clients are going through: Big Data, Cloud Computing, ICT Talent Development, Mobile, Social Media, Security, Smart Sourcing and Unified Communications & Collaboration.

Ordina’s head offices are in Nieuwegein. Ordina has several regional offices in the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg. The company was founded in 1973. Its shares have been listed on the NYSE Euronext Amsterdam stock exchange since 1987 and are included in the Small Cap Index (AScX). Ordina booked revenues of EUR 344 million in 2016.






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