DBPedia Keynote - Senior Research Scientist at Google


Even the changes are changing: A new age of cognitive computing

Watson, the computer that achieved prominence in 2011 by defeating the all time best players of the American TV quiz show, Jeopardy!, was a herald of a new age.  Suddenly it was possible for machines to understand us, in our own language.  In the six years since, new AI and cognitive capabilities

Executive Vice President, Customer Information Management & Operational Excellence (EVP, CIOx)
Senior Manager, Web Channel Strategy / Director, Online Platform Strategy


Semantics at Play: Electronic Arts’ Linked Data Journey

Millions of players consume or create content related to EA’s video games every day. For EA, managing this content using traditional content management systems and databases had become increasingly difficult.

Senior Data Architect at Otto Group


Buoyancy in Data Lakes - Agile Metadata Management in Hadoop Data Warehouses at Otto Group

Current metadata and information about data lineage are crucial for understanding and interpreting data in a Hadoop data warehouse. At the same time, Hadoop data warehouse projects sink or swim with the ability to continuously add new data sources and views as business requirements evolve.

CNRS senior researcher at Toulouse Institute of Computer Science Research


New convergences between Natural language processing and knowledge engineering at the era of the Semantic Web.

An illustration with the extraction and representation of semantic relations
Data Scientist at Department of Reproduction, Obstetrics and Herd Health


Will semantics help disentangle the Gordian knot of Big Data in animal health

Since the 1950’s, computers have been used as a management tool in dairy farming. Over subsequent decades, dairy herd management software has evolved consistently and the personal computer has emerged as an important management tool to primarily monitor production, reproduction and health.

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