Semantic technology at the cross-section of academia & business

The SEMANTiCS 2015 team is happy to announce that Mike Doane will join the conference and  talk about one of the most exciting, but also sensitive ongoing semantics projects. He is currently advising public bodies in the US how to integrate semantics into their video data, which is generated through public surveillance activities.


How semantic technologies support the global renewable energy community

Florian Bauer is the COO and Director “Open Knowledge” of REEEP - a global NGO in the nenewable energy sector. The organization is highly involved in connecting existing data, information and knowledge in this field. By applying semantic technologies, REEEP is establishing industry standards and initiating global knowledge sharing.

Fabian Heinemann

Semantic Insights: Data Science in the Pharma Industry

We are happy to introduce another speaker at SEMANTiCS 2015. Fabian Heinemann from Roche will share his professional insights on semantic technologies in the pharma sector. Gain a first impression on his talk in this interview conducted by Nika Mizerski. 

Ruben Verborgh

3 plus 1 Feature #3: Ruben Verborgh

Ruben Verborgh is a researcher in semantic hypermedia at Ghent University – iMinds, Belgium, where he obtained his PhD in Computer Science in 2014. He explores the connection between Semantic Web technologies and the Web's architectural properties, with the ultimate goal of building more intelligent clients. 


3 plus 1 Feature #2: Anna Fensel

Semantics Conference chair member Anna Fensel is Senior Assistant Professor, Head of Research Unit at STI Innsbruck, University of Innsbruck, Austria. She is an author of ca. 80 refereed publications in books, international journals, conference and workshop proceedings. Read about her industry background and how she draws inspiration from the satellite events which will accompany this year’s Semantics Conference in Vienna.

Deadline Extension: Research and Innovation Track

Due to many requests we decided to extend the submission deadline by *2 weeks*.  The updated schedule is now as follows:

Tassilo Pellegrini

3 plus 1 Feature #1: Tassilo Pellegrini

Semantics Conference co-founder and chair member Tassilo Pellegrini took the time to participate in a 3 plus 1 Mini-Interview. Read about his first encounters with semantic webs in the late 90s, how he bridges gaps between academic and industrial world and how his passion for semantic technologies and artificial intelligence is accompanied by a healthy portion of scepticism.

Linked Data Award - submission is open

The European Linked Data Contest awards prizes to stories, products, projects or persons presenting novel and innovative projects, products and industry implementations involving linked data.

Keynote speakers list confirmed!

Since this week, the set of invited speakers has been fixed and we are quite excited about the distinguished set of speakers we could attract for this years’ edition of SEMANTiCS ...


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