Industry Talks

  • Jan Benedictus (FontoXML / Liones)
    How to engage authors with semantic technologies
  • Joe Pairman (Mekon)
    From Linear Books to an Open World Adventure: A case study of taxonomy to drive interactive, personalized reader experiences
  • Papantoniou, Agis (Cognizone BVBA)
    Fostering Interoperability of European Qualifications: The Qualification Data Repository (QDR)
  • Enno Meijers (National Library of the Netherlands)
    A distributed network of heritage information
  • Grosset, Mary-Ann (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD))
    Unleash the Triple: Leveraging a corporate discovery interface. The OECD case
  • David, Robert (Semantic Web Company GmbH)
    Integrating data engineering and software engineering to improve the development process.
  • Miroslav Líška (Datalan)
    Slovak Public Metadata Governance and Management based on Linked Data
  • Pano Maria, Victor Louwerse, John Walker (Taxonic & Semaku)
    Enabling intelligent SKOS API clients
  • Nicky van Oorschot (Netage)
    Linking National Core Registries
  • Jennifer Shorten (MarkLogic)
    Semantics for Safeguarding & Security – a police story
  • Sebastian Gabler (Semantic Web Company)
    Semantic requirements for managing audiovisual media
  • Frazier, Jane (SEEK Limited)
    NERDing out: Job Title Normalisation in an Online Employment Marketplace
  • Panos Alexopoulos (Textkernel B.V.)
    Building, Deploying and Evolving a Large Knowledge Graph for the Recruitment Domain - Best Practices and Lessons Learned
  • Severn, Caleb (IET - The Institution of Engineering and Technology)
    From Legacy to Linked Data: Rebuilding a STEM information service
  • Brattinga, Marco (Ordina)
    From requirements to vocabularies: designing and visualizing Linked Data models
  • Alessandro Seganti (Cognitum)
    VAT Fraud detection with streaming reasoning
  • Jans Aasman (Franz Inc.)
    Cognitive Probability Graphs for Knowledge Management
  • Liebig, Thorsten (derivo GmbH)
    Uncovering the Hidden in Large Size Knowledge Graphs
  • James Humffray (Healthdirect Australia)
    Developing a medicines catalogue using linked data sources
  • Wubbels, René (ProRail)
    Semantic Asset Management in the Dutch Rail Engineering and Construction industry (ProRail)
  • Schollmeijer, Wessel (Kadaster)
    Connecting information from legislation and datasets using a catalogue
  • Hodgson Ralph (TopQuadrant,Inc.)
    Semantic Data Governance for Regulatory Compliance
  • Folmer, Erwin (Kadaster)
    The Data Platform of the Future - Large Base Registries of the Netherlands
  • Felix Burkhardt (Deutsche Telekom AG)
    Ontological representation of the telecom domain for advanced AI applications
  • van Veen, Theo (Koninklijke Bibliotheek, National Library of the Netherlands)
    Improving access to digital content by semantic enrichment
  • Tassilo Pellegrini / Sabrina Kirrane, Simon Steyskal / Anna Fensel, Oleksandra Panasiuk (UAS St. Pölten / Vienna Univ. of Economics & Business / STI2)
    DALICC - Data Licenses Clearance Center - A Framework for resolving rights conflicts with semantic technologies
  • Price, David (TopQuadrant Limited)
    Virtual Construction (V-Con) and TopBraid CDE – a linked data/semantic asset management solution
  • Daniele, Laura (TNO, The Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research)
    Energy, Smart Homes & Smart Grids: Towards interoperability for Demand Side Flexibility using SAREF and SAREF4ENER
  • Vladimir Alexiev, Ph.D (Ontotext AD)
    Building a high quality semantic graph for Linked Science
  • Priem Matthias (VIAA vzw)
    Exploring Audiovisual Archives through Aligned Thesauri
  • Frost, Lindsay (ETSI ISG CIM (supported by NEC Europe))
    Context Information Management across Smart City knowledge domains
  • Vladimir Alexiev (Ontotext)
    euBusinessGraph Company and Economic Data for Innovative Products and Services
  • Knap, Tomas (Semantic Web Company)
    Enrich Your Knowledge Graphs: Linked Data Integration with PoolParty Semantic Integrator
  • Evgeny Knutov (KnowSyms B.V. and Semaku B.V.)
    Sustainable Urban Delta knowledge and semantic search
  • Matthias Lichtenthaler (Bundesrechenzentrum)
    Contextualization and Analytics based on unstructured Data - Big Data for advanced organisations

Research and Innovation Talks

  • Alessandro Adamou, Mathieu D'Aquin, Carlo Allocca and Enrico Motta
    Supporting virtual integration of Linked Data with just-in-time query recompilation
  • Elisa Margareth Sibarani, Simon Scerri, Camilo Morales, Sören Auer and Diego Collarana
    Ontology-guided Skill Demand Analysis in the Job Market: A Cross-Sectional Study of Data Science Skill Demand
  • Harsh Thakkar, Yashwant Keswani, Mohnish Dubey, Jens Lehmann and Sören Auer
    Trying Not to Die Benchmarking -- Orchestrating RDF and Graph Data Management Solution Benchmarks Using LITMUS
  • Wouter Beek, Javier D. Fernández and Ruben Verborgh
    LOD-a-lot: A Single-File Enabler for Data Science
  • George Papadakis, Konstantina Bereta, Themis Palpanas and Manolis Koubarakis
    Multi-core Meta-blocking for Big Linked Data
  • Owen Sacco
    Game Character Ontology (GCO) - A vocabulary for extracting and describing game character information from fansites
  • Vadim Savenkov, Qaiser Mehmood, Jürgen Umbrich and Axel Polleres
    Counting to k, or how SPARQL 1.1 could be efficiently enhanced with top k shortest path queries
  • Sebastian Bader and Jan Oevermann
    Semantic Annotation of Heterogeneous Data Sources: Towards an Integrated Information Framework for Service Technicians
  • Kolawole John Adebayo, Luigi Di Caro and Guido Boella
    Siamese Network with Soft Attention for Semantic Text Understanding
  • Najmeh Mousavi Nejad, Simon Scerri and Sören Auer
    Semantic Similarity based Clustering of License Excerpts for Improved End-User Interpretation
  • Ciro Baron Neto, Dimitris Kontokostas, Gustavo Publio, Diego Esteves, Amit Kirschenbaum and Sebastian Hellmann
    IDOL: Comprehensive & Complete LOD Insights
  • Felix Leif Keppmann and Andreas Harth
    Adaptable Interfaces, Interactions, and Processing for Linked Data Platform Components
  • Kris McGlinn, Christophe Debruyne, Lorraine McNerney and Declan O’sullivan
    Integrating Ireland's Geospatial Information to Provide Authoritative Building Information Models
  • Ali Khalili and Klaas Andries de Graaf
    Linked Data Reactor: Towards Data-aware User Interfaces
  • Henning Petzka, Claus Stadler, Georgios Katsimpras, Bastian Haarmann and Jens Lehmann
    On the Benchmarking of Faceted Browsing
  • Abderrahmane Khiat, Maximilian Mackeprang and Claudia Müller-Birn
    OntoIdea: Ontology-based Approach for Enhancing Collaborative Ideation
  • Stephan Raaijmakers, Maya Sappelli and Wessel Kraaij
    Investigating the interpretability of hidden layers in deep text mining
  • Auriol Degbelo
    A Snapshot of Ontology Evaluation Criteria and Strategies
  • Tirthankar Dasgupta, Lipika Dey, Abir Naskar and Rupsa Saha
    DemandMiner: Automatic Extraction and Visualization of Product Demands from Open Web
  • Georgios Santipantakis, George Vouros, Christos Doulkeridis, Akrivi Vlachou, Gennady Andrienko, Natalia Andrienko, Jose Manuel Cordero and Miguel Garcia Martinez
    Specification of Semantic Trajectories and Data Transformations for Analytics: The datAcron Ontology
  • Alex Olieman, Kaspar Beelen, Jaap Kamps and Milan van Lange
    Good Applications for Crummy Entity Linkers? The Case of Corpus Selection in Digital Humanities
  • Mikhail Galkin, Kemele M. Endris, Maribel Acosta, Diego Collarana, Maria Esther Vidal and Sören Auer
    SMJoin: A Multi-way Join Operator for SPARQL Queries
  • Iker Esnaola-Gonzalez, Jesús Bermúdez, Izaskun Fernandez, Santiago Fernandez and Aitor Arnaiz
    Towards a Semantic Outlier Detection Framework in Wireless Sensor Networks
  • Isaiah Onando Mulang', Kuldeep Singh and Fabrizio Orlandi
    Matching Natural Language Relations to Knowledge Graph Properties for Question Answering
  • Roman Prokofyev, Michael Luggen and Philippe Cudre-Mauroux
    High-Precision, Context-Free Entity Linking Exploiting Unambiguous Labels