Telling stories with structure: addressing user questions with granular semantic authoring

Monday, September 11, 2017 - 15:30 to 17:30
The Meervaart (Room 6)

Presenters: Joe Pairman (Lead Consultant, Mekon Ltd), Jan Benedictus (CEO, FontoXML), Andreas Blumauer (Managing Partner, Semantic Web Company)


Good content always effects a change. It helps our customers make a choice, formulate a plan, reflect, or act. New techniques combining semantic technologies with structured authoring bring great focus and clarity. Customers can quickly see just the relevant chunks of information and make intelligent connections between them, magnifying the content’s power to support and influence. When granular chunks of content are networked with taxonomy tags as a knowledge graph, the system can answer questions that no-one has imagined yet — the myriad of messy, complex queries that arise in real-life knowledge-seeking.

Yet, content cannot entirely be treated as data. Authors don’t think of writing as discrete data points — there is a flow between ideas and a sense of narrative. Some chunks of content work independently; others rely on the surrounding context to paint a big picture. Writers need more than data entry tools, and content architects need to balance technical potential while still allowing creative expression. This workshop will teach you:

  • The benefits of granular structured content.
  • Considerations and risks when modeling content for both better user experience and clean semantic tagging.
  • The semantic architecture to scalably answer novel user questions with linked data sourced from structured content.
  • How authors can write productively and confidently within this new paradigm.



Section Duration Presenter / moderator
Principles and benefits of granular, structured content 20 min Joe Pairman
Interactive exercise on modeling complex, narrative-form commercial content as structured information 35 min Joe Pairman & Jan Benedictus
Integrating granular structured content into an organizational knowledge graph, and recommended semantic architectures 25 min Andreas Blumauer
Hands-on experience writing granular structured content with taxonomy integration 20 min Joe Pairman & Jan Benedictus
Considerations on structured authoring use cases and usability 10 min Jan Benedictus
Conclusion and more questions 10 min Joe Pairman




As experienced practitioners and experts in the field of structured content, and pioneers in applying semantic technologies to this field, Joe Pairman and Jan Benedictus are especially qualified to present the potential and the challenges to an audience with a wide mixture of interests and technical skills.

As a highly regarded practitioner and visionary in the field of semantic technology, with experience of many practical implementations, Andreas Blumauer will demonstrate the benefits and some use cases of integrating granular, structured content into an organization-wide knowledge graph.