ALIGNED: Engineering Agile Big Data Systems with Semantic Web technologies

Monday, September 11, 2017 - 09:00 to 12:30
The Meervaart (Room 7)

Chairs: Christian Dirschl (Chief Content Architect at Wolters Kluwer Germany), Dr. Kevin Feeney (Trinity College Dublin)


In this tutorial we will showcase how the latest breakthroughs in computer science research can help companies to deal with the practical challenges of big data, so that they can more efficiently and agilely integrate it into their core business processes. We will present 5 case studies from a range of different sectors: from managing hundreds of millions of clinical-trial results for the NHS in the UK; via providing intelligent productivity enhancing services to legal professionals, based on drawing information from millions of complex legal documents; to one of the world’s most ambitious attempts to crowd-source high-quality historical data. In each case we will show how tools developed in the ALIGNED project are enabling large communities of users to leverage the value of their data.

The ALIGNED project is a European Horizon 2020 research project which has brought together academic researchers and industry partners to develop some of the most promising results in computer science research into practical tools, that can be applied to solve real world problems and help organizations to leverage the great volume, variety and velocity of data that is available internally and through the web. In this tutorial, we will demonstrate how data quality analytic tools can be used to apply automated quality control and error correction to promote the veracity of data; how semantic modelling can be used to extract business intelligence from complex, interconnected and fast-changing datasets; and how we can use these models to help automate the production of software, which is capable of processing large volumes of data. 


Expected impact of the tutorial

We currently see a huge lack between the semantic web community and the software engineering community. However, within ALIGNED we found out that these communities have a lot to share and can both benefit from a closer collaboration. This tutorial will show in a couple of real use cases where this mutual fertilization can and should take place, in order to better manage current and future big data challenges.

All presenters are well-known and experienced experts in their respective domain and will share their insights in how a step beyond their own limitations has helped to see and do things differently.


The tutorial will consist of 5 presentations, each 30 minutes long with 15 minutes for questions and feedback. All presentations will focus on describing the business problems faced by an organization and how the technologies developed within ALIGNED have helped them to turn these problems into opportunities.

  • Re-engineering a complex relational database application at Wolters Kluwer
    Christian Dirschl, Wolters Kluwer, 
  • Dacura – collecting and curating high quality datasets
    Dr. Kevin Feeney, Trinity College Dublin,
  • Managing Data for the NHS     
    TBD, University of Oxford           
  • Integrating semantic datasets into Enterprise Information Systems with PoolParty
    Robert David (CTO), Semantic Web Company Vienna
  • Moving Data Validation Closer to the Source at Wolters Kluwer
    TBD, University of Leipzig
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