Ivelina Nikolova and Ilian Uzunov


Building a High Quality Semantic Graph for Linked Science

Springer Nature SciGraph is a new Linked Open Data platform that aggregates and interlinks various data sources from the scholarly domain. It is part of Springer Nature’s longstanding commitment to advance discovery by publishing robust and insightful research, supporting the development of new areas of knowledge, making ideas and information accessible around the world, and leading the way on open access.

The presentation will focus on how Ontotext’s semantic graph database GraphDB helps Springer Nature SciGraph to collate high-quality content from trusted and reliable sources across the research landscape. The LOD platform is projected to contain 1.5-2 billion triples. This creates a perfect use case to test GraphDB's capabilities to handle massive load, querying and inferencing in real time. By seamlessly integrating disparate silos of content, GraphDB allows Springer Nature's LOD platform to comprise metadata from journals and articles, books and chapters, organizations, institutions, funders, research grants, patents, clinical trials, substances, conference series, events, citations and reference networks, altmetrics, and links to research datasets.



Ivelina Nikolova, PhD. Senior NLP Engineer

Ivelina’s primary expertise is in the area of Natural Language Processing and its application to semantic systems. She is often dealing with problems for Text mining or Information extraction and has extensively proved these technologies in domains like media, financial, biomedical and cultural heritage. Ivelina is also part of the Ontotext training team.

Ivelina has a PhD in natural language processing from the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, MSc in Computer Science and MSc in Economics from Sofia University.



Ilian Uzunov, EMEAA Sales

Ilian Uzunov joined Ontotext to strengthen the positions of the company in the educational and academic publishing verticals. He is extremely enthusiastic about the ways in which semantic technology could be harnessed for the sake of better and more efficient learning and teaching. Ilian has more than 15 years of experience in the fields of publishing, education, e-learning, contemporary ways for management and presentation of cultural heritage.

Prior to Ontotext, Mr. Uzunov founded Sirma Media in 2002 and in 2008 spun it off as an independent company. Ilian managed to position Sirma Media among the major players in the fields of e-learning and modern presentation of cultural heritage in Bulgaria, accomplishing some of the most innovative and challenging nation-wide projects in these two domains.

Mr. Uzunov earned his Master’s degree from Sofia University in “Contemporary methodologies for teaching and learning English language with strong use of ICT” and later undertook an MBA Program in Executive Management from BEIED.

Ilian has been actively involved in Springer Nature’s SciGraph project since the beginning.