Session 3.6 Data Science

Wednesday, September 13, 2017 - 10:15 to 11:15
Room 6+7



The Data Platform of the Future - Large Base Registries of the Netherlands

​The Dutch cadastre has taken the lead by developing the geospatial data platform of the future and releasing it as beta in July 2016, on

Research & Innovation

Good Applications for Crummy Entity Linkers? The Case of Corpus Selection inDigital Humanities

We investigate the Digital Humanities use case, where scholars spend a considerable amount of time selecting relevant source texts. We developed WideNet; a semantically-enhanced search tool which leverages the strengths of (imperfect) EL without getting in the way of its expert users. We evaluate this tool in two historical case-studies aiming to collect a set of references to historical periods in parliamentary debates from the last two decades; the first targeted the Dutch Golden Age, and the second World War II.
The case-studies conclude with a critical reflection on the utility of WideNet for this kind of research, after which we outline how such a real-world application can help to improve EL technology in general.