Session 3.2

Wednesday, September 13, 2017 - 10:15 to 11:15
Room 5


Research & Innovation

Trying Not to Die Benchmarking -- Orchestrating RDF and Graph Data Management Solution Benchmarks Using LITMUS

Knowledge graphs, usually modelled via RDF or property graphs, have gained importance over the past decade. In order to decide which Data Management Solution (DMS) performs best for specific query loads over a knowledge graph, it is required to perform benchmarks. Benchmarking is an extremely tedious task demanding repetitive manual effort, therefore it is advantageous to automate the whole process.

Research & Innovation

On the Benchmarking of Faceted Browsing

The increasing availability of large amounts of Linked Data creates a need for software that allows for its efficient exploration. Systems enabling Faceted Browsing constitute a user-friendly solution that need to combine suitable choices for front and back end. Since a generic solution must be adjustable with respect to the data set, the underlying ontology and the knowledge graph characteristics raise several challenges and heavily influence the browsing experience. As a consequence, an understanding of these challenges becomes an important matter of study. We present a benchmark on Faceted Browsing, which allows systems to test their performance on specific choke points on the back end. Further, we address additional issues in Faceted Browsing that may be caused by problematic modelling choices within the underlying ontology.