Atanas Kiryakov, Plamen Tarkalanov and Vladimir Alexiev


euBusinessGraph Company and Economic Data for Innovative Products and Services

The euBusinessGraph project integrates European company and economic data from various data providers, including OpenCorporates (the largest open database of company info crawled from official registers), Norway's Bronnoysund Register Center (official register data), SpazioDati (rich IT data from official registers, additional databases, web crawl of company sites, tender info, etc), EventRegistry events, GLEI, Panama Leaks, etc.

Corporate information, including basic company firmographics (e.g., name(s), incorporation data, registered addresses, ownership and related entities), financials (e.g., balance sheets, ratings), contextual data (e.g., addresses, economic activity classification, key officers, public tenders data, press mentions and events) are the foundation that many data value chains are built on. Furthermore, this type of information contributes to the transparency and accountability of enterprises, is instrumental input to the process of marketing and sales, and plays a key role in many business interactions. Collecting and aggregating data about a business entity from several public sources (be it private/public, official or non-official ones), and especially across country borders and languages is a tedious, time consuming, error prone, and expensive operation which renders many potential business models non-feasible.
We will present the work done on exploring relevant ontologies and vocabularies for describing companies, systems of identifiers, development of a unified data model, plans for data flows, data aggregation, matching and cross-linking, and the opportunities that lie ahead for the business cases and the data marketplace.



Atanas Kiryakov, CEO

Atanas is a leading expert in semantic/graph databases and knowledge representation. He is the author of multiple signature industry publications, including chapters from the acclaimed Handbook of Semantic Web Technologies. Atanas is the founder and CEO of Ontotext, a Sirma Group Company. His history in semantics dates back to 1993 when he decided to split his interests between knowledge representation, jazz and poetry. MSc in Informatics, University of Sofia.


Vladimir Alexiev, Co-Lead Innovation & Consulting

Vladimir’s experience includes ontology engineering, metadata standards, vocabularies and thesauri, RDF, RDFS, OWL2, SHACL, SKOS, SPARQL, LOD, mapping, R2RML, ETL, CDOC-CRM, semantic web applications, project management, business analysis and requirements specifications.

He has worked in various domains – from Customs and Excise, to Finance, Legal, Statistics, and Cultural Heritage. He served on 5 Europeana task forces, the Members Council, DBpedia Ontology and Data Quality committee. Vladimir has contributed to the ontology definition of the ISO 25964 standard for thesauri management.

PhD in Computing Science, University of Alberta; MSc, Technical University of Sofia. Publications:


Plamen Tarkalanov, Semantic Data Integration Consultant

As Semantic Data Integration Consultant, Planen is primarily responsible for ETL of various sources to RDF. Mappings, entity matching and process automation are among his secondary responsibilities. He has also experience in the Marketing Research industry as data processing specialist.